About Oasis of Righteous Life Ministries

We began with midnight prayers (conference calls) by December 6, 2010 with two sisters ( Agnes Okere and Bose Odimayo). Conference call members grew to fifty persons and lasted till February 6, 2013. Church started in earnest on February 23, 2013 with six members at Oasis of Righteous Life Ministry, Ushafa, Bwari, Abuja. As at the time of writing this history, membership has grown to thirty, with mind ogling testimonies.

Our Vision

We have a three fold vision:
1. Pointing the world to Jesus as the way, truth and life.
2. Making them come to the full knowledge of repentance - living a righteous life.
3. To aid the less privileged and the destitute, to integrate the disenfranchised into the fold.

Our Mission

Mandated to help you discover your purpose, recover your lost glory and ultimately live a victorious and celebrated life.